Northern Europe’s leading platform for marketing solutions is expanding to Benelux

APSIS – Northern Europe’s leading data-driven platform for marketing solutions – has expanded to the Netherlands at the beginning of 2020. The ones responsible for the opening of APSIS in the Netherlands are Ben van der Laan and Ton Fernandes who, all in all, have over 30 years of experience within digital marketing.

APSIS' vision is to constantly continue their expansion. And since there are major changes on the Benelux market – both at the supplier level and on the customer side – APSIS sees great opportunities to expand there. The “Martech Replacement Survey 2020” states that 83% of the respondents reported that their organisations have upgraded or replaced at least one marketing tool over the past 12 months – something that indicates a high level of mobility on the market. 

This coincides well with the fact that APSIS recently launched their platform APSIS One – a solution that enables digital marketers to unify and act on data through the unique combination of a data platform and a suite of intuitive marketing tools. 


The expansion to Benelux is an important step in our continued international expansion. By opening APSIS in the Netherlands, with the aim to reach all the Benelux countries, we can reach more than twice as many potential customers as we do today. I really look forward to the opening, and I believe that APSIS One has great potential on the market.

Emma Dyga – CEO at APSIS

APSIS in the Netherlands

Responsible for APSIS’ opening in the Netherlands are Ben van der Laan and Ton Fernandes. Both of them have extensive experience of working for major players within digital marketing. In addition, both of them have previous experience of introducing, launching, and building brands on the Dutch market. 

Based on the knowledge of, and experience with, digital marketing tools that Ton Fernandes and I have built up over the years – we instantly recognised the great potential of APSIS One. By gathering all features within one platform, APSIS One reflects a new approach that is required in today’s digital marketing landscape. This advantage enables APSIS One users to make a giant leap in their marketing and Ton and I are happy to bring this to the Benelux market, says Ben Van Der Laan – Account Director at APSIS Benelux. 

Ben Van Der Laan & Ton Fernandes


APSIS in the Netherlands has been launched in January 2020 and in the near future, APSIS plans to expand to several other countries. 

APSIS delivers personal and scalable data-driven solutions for marketing automation, e-commerce, lead generation, segmentation, and email marketing. APSIS started over 18 years ago, and today they are Northern Europe's leading company within data-driven marketing – with over 3,600 customers globally. APSIS has almost 300 employees around the world with offices in Stockholm, Gothenburg, Malmö, Helsinki, Oslo, Copenhagen, Hong Kong, and Singapore. 

For further information:

Lars Nilsson, Head of International Expansion Team at APSIS

Ben Van Der Laan, Account Director, APSIS Benelux